December 2018-January 2019 WIN Newsletter

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August/September 2018 WIN Newsletter

Mission Statement:
The Clark County Democratic Women’s Issues Network (WIN) is a Political Action Committee dedicated to supporting Democratic progressive candidates, advancing women’s issues, empowering women, encouraging community involvement and providing a forum to discuss relevant issues.

About Us:
Founded in 2009 by a group of Progressive Democratic women, the WINS have helped Democrats win their elections by both woman power during campaigns and financial support. The WINS have 2 major fundraising events: Our Chili Cook Off and an August garden party. The WINS also support Equality Springfield and Project Woman plus other community groups . To honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, we have a service day each January. WINS also work with like minded groups on issues such as pay equity, healthcare, water and climate change. The WINS also provide a laid back environment for discussion of relevant issues of the day. Dues are $20 per year.

WIN Executive Committee:
President/Treasurer: Cheri Crothers
Vice President: Sue Allen
Indivisible: Melinda Barnhardt
Deputy Treasurer: Austin Smith
Recording Secretary: Nora Parker
Corresponding Secretary: Becky Willman
Newsletter: Becky Willman, Cynthia Dunlevy
Media Liaison: Cynthia Dunlevy
By-Laws: Cynthia Dunlevy
Membership: Melinda Barnhart
Liaison to Equality Springfield: Jessica Crothers
Fair Coordinator: Cathy Tuckerman
Liaison to Springfield Indivisible: Melinda Barnhardt

Contact: Cheri Crothers, 937-460-7259 or
“Like US” on Facebook
Dues are $20 per year.December-January 2018 WIN Newsletter