Headquarters: “The L”, 1530 South Yellow Springs Street, Springfield, OH 45506
Hours: Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm; Saturday from noon to 3pm

Our Candidates

Joe Biden for President
Kamala Harris for Vice President

Web: joebiden.com
Facebook: joebiden
Instagram: joebiden
Twitter: joebiden

Dr. Vanessa Enoch for U.S. Representative
8th U.S. Congressional District
Web: enochforcongress.com; Donate; Free yard sign; Shop
Facebook: 1DocEnoch
Instagram: doc.enoch
Twitter: DrVEnoch
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Charles Ballard for Ohio State Senator
10th State Senate District
Website: charlesballard2020.com
Facebook: charles.ballard.902819
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Cynthia Richards for Ohio State Representative
79th State House District
Website: cynthiarichards2020.com
Facebook: CynthiaRichards2020
Instagram: cynthiarichards2020
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Ted McClenen for Ohio State Representative
74th State House District
Write-In Candidate
Email: tedmcclenen@yahoo.com
Phone: (937) 408-8868
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David Hartley for Clark County Commissioner
Email: mailto:davidhartley2242@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (937) 399-6626
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Sheila Rice for Clark County Clerk of Court of Common Pleas
Website: www.sheilaricecoc.com; Donate
Facebook: Sheila-Rice-for-Clerk-of-Courts-2020-103029504530467
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Russell Garman for Clark County Sheriff
Facebook: GarmanForSheriff2020
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Michelle Harris for Clark County Treasurer
Facebook: MichelleRHarris2020
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Jennifer Brunner for State Supreme Court Justice
Website: judgebrunner.com
Facebook: judge.jennifer.brunner.9026

John O’Donnell for State Supreme Court Justice
Website: odonnellforjustice.com
Facebook: JudgeJohnODonnell

Marshall Lachman for Court of Appeals Judge
2nd State Court District
Website: lachmanforjudge.com
Facebook: marshallforjudge
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Susan Brown for Clark County Coroner
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Mary Binegar for State Board of Education
10th District
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